A Guide to Finding Awesome Mobile Survival Games in 2020

One of my favorite memories is playing Oregon Trail on the school computers. It had basic graphics, you had to watch out for disease and lots of other things and, more often than not, you died. Good times!

Looking back on those days, I’d never have thought that, four decades later, we’d be able to take survival games, which is what Oregon Trail was, with us anywhere thanks to mobile phones and tablets. A friend and I were discussing playing Oregon Trail and our love for survival games, and she gave me a link to the top survival mobile games.

Top Mobile Survival Games

Below is some useful information if you are considering getting into playing survival games.

What Are Survival Games?

Survival games are video games that usually starts out with the character getting separated or stranded in a hostile and dangerous open world. These types of stranded games have a single objective – either you live and win, or you die and you lose. Some of the best and most popular games are created to be played by yourself. Therefore, if you like playing action games that are filled with dangerous situations that you have to survive using tools that can help you survive, these might be the games for you. Some of the games even let you create and build everything from a small shelter to large structures and cities for growth and safety.  Some of the games allow you to confiscate and scavenge various tools to help you with warding off anything from dinosaurs to zombies. There are many different types of survival games, but all of them put you in situations where you have to figure out ways for your character to stay alive.

How to Learn the Way to Play Survival Games

If you’d like to learn to play these kinds of games to see if you like them, it’s a good idea to start with one that’s fairly straight forward and easy. Then you can work your way up in difficulty. Survival games are often hard to play since there’s a lot of variables that you want to look for in these types of worlds. You don’t just have to learn how to craft your tools, but you have to consider strategy, act quickly when there’s something that’s dangerous nearby and plan your buildings. Some of the fun games that are out there let you select the mode called single player. There are others that you can play against either the environment or other people. It’s a good idea to play in the single player mode or the environment when you’re first starting out. This will let you learn and not worry about other players attacking you.

Learning About Various Worlds You can Choose

There are many different survival game genres out there, so there’s no worry about finding one that you’re going to enjoy. Some have the character flown to a desolate wooded area. Sometimes you’re shipwrecked on a deserted island with hostile natives. Survival games often come with lots of danger and excitement, but their worlds are different. If you’re a fan of horror movies and zombies, there are even games where you’re surrounded by zombies and you have to kill them. Take a look at the different worlds that are available and try a few for yourself. Then you can choose the one that is best for you.


If you are looking for a new exciting game to play, maybe it’s time to try a survival game. It always keeps you guessing and it’s never boring.


Written by guestposts