A Few More Things to Have in Your Survival Kit

A Few More Things to Have in Your Survival Kit

When your putting together your survival kit, you will no doubt have all the obvious things. Food, water, a blanket, a compass, first aid kit, and so on. There are a few things you may not have thought to include. Here is a short list of useful things you may have overlooked while assembling your kit. Here are A Few More Things to Have in Your Survival Kit:

10. Scissors
You’ll have to keep your hair short so zombies can’t grab it, and cutting hair with a knife is hard. The knife will pull at your hair making a simple hair cut painful. The same downfall applies to using a knife to cut stitching. A small, decent pair of scissors will make your life a little bit easier.

9. Nail Clippers
This is mostly an issue of comfort. We under value the ability to keep our nails trimmed and neat. Over grown toe nails can make wearing shoes extremely uncomfortable and even painful. Unkempt finger nails can make everyday tasks difficult if your not used to them. Also ingrown nails can become infected and most often are caused by pulling or biting your nails off rather than clipping. Find one with a file if possible.

8. Condoms
I know what your thinking. The same thing I thought when I was first suggested to put condoms in my kit. As I’ve learned though, in an apocalypse, condoms can be used for more than just contraception. Unlubricated condoms can be used to hold and keep protected important things such as water, food, and medical supplies. They also can be used as a tourniquet.

7. Extra Shoe Laces
First, obviously, these would be useful because you will no doubt eventually rip or wear out your laces and you need your shoes on tight if you have to make a run for it. Shoe laces can also be used for anything else you might need to tie or hold together. Consider them like a light rope or a heavy piece of string.

6. Hard Candy
Food and water will be scarce, I don’t really need to remind you of that. Sucking on hard candies can keep your mouth from drying out and your stomach from feeling completely empty. A dry mouth can make you feel even more thirsty then you already do. If you can not find any hard candy, buttons can be substituted to keep your saliva flowing.

5. Needle and Thread
Some well informed preppers may already have a small sewing kit in their packs, but for those who don’t, get one. You will have to constantly repair your clothes, packs, and any other cloth items. You will also need to have some kind of stitching equipment available if, or rather when, you receive any deep wounds.

4. Dental Floss
Keeping your teeth clean is important, but at the bottom of the list of uses for dental floss when it comes to survival. Dental floss can be used for strong string, stitching(non-flavored), tourniquet, and a number of other things.

3. A Towel
As explain in The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a towel has a very wide variety of uses. Obviously it can be used to dry you off if you get wet. A few other uses for a towel include a rag, a small blanket, a pillow, a head wrap, extra protection for supplies, and many many other things. As Douglas Adams says, Don’t Panic and always have your towel.

2. Tweezers
It’s good to have a pair of tweezers handy in case of splinters and ticks. You don’t want to have to use a knife for these kinds of problems. It would be to easy to accidentally cut yourself, and then you would have to deal with a wound.

1. A Mirror
Once again, most survivalists will already have a mirror and understand why they need it. For those that aren’t aware, a mirror is one of the most important items you may not have thought about. Besides the obvious uses like checking for ticks and other hazardous things on your body, mirrors can be used to signal other survivors, check around corners, and start fires. It’s an important item you should definitely have in your survival kit.

You should try to have as much in your survival kit as possible. Think carefully about what you will need and could use when assembling yours.

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