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  • April 1994 AD Santa Monica Bay California

    April 1994 AD Santa Monica Bay California

    On April 1994 AD Santa Monica Bay California. Three Palos Verdes residents, Jim Hwang, Anthony Cho, and Michael Kim, reported to police that they were attacked while fishing in the bay. The three men swore that Hwang had been bottom fishing when his line hooked a large, extremely heavy catch. What broke the surface was […] More

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    Rob and Zom Episode 4: Pilot Episode

    Safety may always come first, but what happens to the policies and regulations we have come to accept as standard when we find ourselves thrust into a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Will we ever even know what true security looks like? The latest episode of our RobAndZom animated series explores these philosophical questions. More

  • Seven Things You Should Be Teaching Your Kids



    Seven Things You Should Be Teaching Your Kids

    With states officially declaring the end of the school year the children rejoiced, while their parents groan in distaste. This left many parents wondering what to do about their education, so next year they don’t fall behind other students. Their anxiety grew as schools are becoming uncertain as to when, if, they’ll open next year. […] More

  • The Biology of Zombies

    Anatomy of Deterioration

    You’re chilling in your apartment and the kids start shouting that the zombies are coming. You start to brainstorm ways to get out of this mess. You grab our weapons, you’ve listened to all of the articles, you’ve got your bug out bag ready. You have your rations carefully packed to make optimum room inside […] More

  • Zombie proofing your kids

    Zombie proofing your kids

    Today we teach you about Zombie proofing your kids! In your haste to become the baddest zombie badass on the face of your planet you forget that you have kids. That’s right. Rugrats, ankle biters, shorties, or whatever you call them. They will have to be able to survive the same things you do. So […] More

  • The Biology of Zombies: A Primer - Part 2

    The Biology of Zombies: A Primer – Part 2

    A Guest Post: The Biology of Zombies: A Primer – Part 2 Fungus Fungi are a very diverse and interesting group. At the mention of fungi, most of us think of mushrooms sprouting in our yard. But there are a few species that are very animal like, able to move through the environment in order […] More

  • Kabar Kukri Machete 1249



    Kabar Kukri Machete 1249 Review

    The Handle: Kabar Kukri Machete 1249 has a black handle made of Kraton G, although I’m not sure how this differs from regular Kraton. It’s got that grippy feel without being sticky, and I like that. It’s 5-1/2″ long and has a half guard-like protrusion in the butt to keep the knife in your hand […] More

  • Zombies in the Ancient World

    Zombies in the Ancient World

    The massive popularity of zombies in modern culture is no surprise, with the undead showing up in every form of media, these days it’s hard not to be at least a little interested. However, some of you may be surprised to find out that an interest or even belief in zombies and the undead goes […] More

  • the virus

    The Virus

    It was a beautiful day. The temperature was somewhere in the mid-seventies, the humidity was low, and the sun gleamed radiantly in a sky that seemed to get more blue with every day that had passed since the dead collectively decided they were no longer going to stay all the way dead. Mike had always […] More

  • Zombie Milestones Throughout History

    Zombie Milestones Throughout History

    What are Zombie Milestones Throughout History? Zombies have come a long way since they were first recorded in 1819 in Brazil by poet Robert Southey. They have had many ups and downs throughout the decades. Zombies have evolved from mindless monsters to in-depth flesh-eating characters with thoughts and feelings. These are just some of this […] More

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