5 Unheard Of Streaming Services To Checkout While Quarantine

5 Unheard Of Streaming Services To Checkout While Quarantine

As the country plans for a total lockdown in the next coming weeks, we are left to decide how to handle our boredom. What a better way to kill some time than with some good old fashion TV. But, so many of us have cut the cord from cable companies, what are we supposed to do? Amazon Prime is why to expensive for the average consumer. The selection on Netflix is boring. Hulu is good, but the ads are long and repetitive. If you’re sick of these three services, check out these hidden gems. 5 Unheard Of Streaming Services To Checkout While Quarantine:

5. Nosey

Cost: Free


Nosey is a free site that has all sorts of TV programs on there. There are talk shows like Maury, The Steve Wilkos Show, and Jerry Springer. Even some reruns of the classics, like The Joan Rivers ShowSally, and Geraldo. It has court shows like Divorce CourtEye For An Eye, and Judge Karen. And, Classic Realty shows such as 5th Wheel, Blind Date, and Rock of Love with Brett Micheals.

4. Lifetime Movie Club

Cost: $4.99 A Month


This one is for the ladies. Who here love Lifetime Original Movies? I grew up on those Lifetime movie classics and I miss them a lot. Yeah, sure, the new stuff is okay, but I miss the gold old days when they had suspense and life lessons at the same time. If you are like me and you miss those films you are in luck because Lifetime has developed there own streaming platform for this very reason. They have hundreds of old and new films such as Fifteen And PregnantScared Silent, and The Happy Face Killer just to name a few.

3. BritBox

Cost: $6.99 A Month


Perhaps you are a dapper young bloke who prefers his shows like how he likes his tea. Look no further gents as the BBC heard your cries from across the pond and developed BritBox. This platform has all things British from Classics from Dr. Who to A Bit Of Fry and Larry, to new shows like Father Brown. They have a decent selection of movies to enjoy, in an assortment of genres. They even have a section of documentaries if you’re interested in learning some British history. So brew yourself some tea and bake those crumpets for a night of good quality British TV.


Cost: $4.75 A Month


Nighttime has fallen and the kids are put to bed, it’s time to get scared. Shudder is the premier streaming service for all things that go bump in the night. It has classic slashers like Freddy and Micheal, to original films like Tigers Are Not Afraid. My favorite thing to watch is the new Creepshow series that came out last year. It’s got the right balance of mystery and suspense, with a little fear sprinkled into the bubbling cauldron. Also, Greg Nicotero is one of the creators of this reboot and given his previous filmography you know he has a lot to bring to the table.

1. TubiTV

Cost: Free


It’s kind of like a free Netflix because it has an assortment of everything. Classic shows they have are The Andy Griffith ShowALF, and The Beverly Hillbillies. Some new shows they have are Paranormal CopsHarry The Bunny, and Little Women: Atlanta. If you aren’t in the mood for TV, perhaps you should check out one of there hundreds of movies to choose from. My favorite being Grave Encounters. They got enough movies, in every genre, to keep everyone happy. They also have one of my favorite pandemic documentaries called Outbreak: Anatomy of A Plague. It talks about the 1885 Smallpox epidemic the ripped apart Montreal and compares it to what it would be like if the events repeat themselves today. You’ll find a lot of similarities to the events of the documentary to the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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