5 Good Places to Stop for a Rest

5 Good Places to Stop for a Rest

We all have been there. Two days without sleep, and starting to feel the effects. Head is getting dizzy, eyes are getting heavy. Starting to feel like the ground is made of mud. It’s not a good way to feel normally. It’s especially dangerous however, in a zombie apocalypse. You’ll likely be traveling long distances on foot as cars will be hard to navigate in most places, not to mention gas will be scarce at best. Plus you’ll be carrying everything you have to survive on your back. Now, you military folks will likely have some experience with walking long distances carrying heavy loads, but us civilians will be more often than not, very unprepared for such a trek. 5 Good Places to Stop for a Rest:

The point is, you will get tired. You will need to stop and rest often because you can never be sure when you’ll need your energy to fight off zombies. The last thing you want is to have walked all day long and then be attacked by a hungry zombie(or many hungry zombies) only to realize your too tired to defend yourself. So making frequent rest stops is very important to keeping your energy up for defense against zombie, or bandit, attacks.

However it will be dangerous for you to simply stop in your tracks and rest where ever you are when you stop. You may be exposed to the watchful eye of any number of unwelcome visitors. So where is it safe to rest? That is what we will discuss in this article. Here I’ve laid out a list of what I consider to be the five best places to stop for a rest in a zombie apocalypse.

1. Trees

Trees are great quick rest stops. Obviously I would not recommend them for a long stay, but if you just want to sit a while, have a good view of your surrounds, and know that anything that might want to get you would have a little trouble, perch yourself in a tree. They are certainly not hard to find.

2. Rooftops

Rooftops are great spots to relax for a while. You are high, once again you have a good view of your surroundings. Rooftops of buildings usually have at least two ways access them, meaning you have two ways to escape if need be, and only two places that anything could get at you from. Be very careful when climbing up fire escapes. You should be sure to listen and look closely before passing each window. If you pass an open window, close it.

3. Barns

If you can come across a barn, you are already in a decent area. The country, meaning there are probably a lot less people around anyways. An abandoned barn is potentially one of the best places to hide and rest. They aren’t to close to the corresponding house. Enough to be able to see if anyone is coming, far enough to get away if someone is. Barns are relatively open inside, so they shouldn’t be to difficult to search. Be wary of barns that are too full of stuff. The more piles of junk, the more places that something could hide. Some barns also have a second level often accessed by a ladder you can pull up after you. They also sometimes, depending on the type of farm, may have hay which compared to the ground can be comfortable.

4. Flattop Hills

When I was younger there was a hill behind my middle school that my friends and I used to always hang out on top of. The hill looked rounded from the bottom, but as soon as you got up to the top you saw that the top of the hill was actually quite large across. We could sit in the middle and no one on the ground could even tell we were up there. I thought to myself, even back then, this would make a great resting spot. No one can see you from the ground. Some may not realize the hill even has that much room at the top. You can get down from any side. The only down fall to flattop hills is that you also can’t see what’s going on at the bottom of them unless you go to the edge and look, but then you are in clear view of whatever may be lurking down there. Also you have to watch all around, because something could come from any direction. So they are great, but require that you keep your ears and eyes open at all times.

5. Double Sided Billboards

Most double sided billboards have a ramp in between the billboards that would make a great spot to relax a while. Like trees and rooftops, they offer a great view, limited access points and in this case, shade and cover. Plus most people, and zombies, are likely not to pay any attention to billboards. You could likely sit up in the middle of two billboards undisturbed for as long as you need. Though, like trees, they have the disadvantage of only having one way up and down. Your unlikely to find a billboard you could jump from if need be. But as is said before, it’s not a usual place for people to look in an apocalypse, as they will likely be focused on the surrounding ground level area.

So there are a few nice spots that you could stop for a rest if you wanted to be out of direct view of anything. They have their pros and cons, but in all they would be good for a short rest from your endless trek. Give good thought to where ever you decide to stop. Remember to think about whether or not making sure they area is safe will be more trouble than it’s worth. Resting spots should be places you can search easily, are easily accessed, have a good view of your surroundings, and be shaded from general view. Some of these suggestions may have more or less of those qualities so it’s up to you to determine where is best when your looking for a spot to stop and relax.

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