3 Places you should go during the outbreak

Okay lets assume you’re not home or at work when the apocalypse starts. Lets pretend you’re somewhere else and you don’t know the place that well. The apocalypse starts and your plans are far away from you. What places are a good idea to visit?

Car tow companies

They’re great really, see you could go for a parking lot somewhere and look through pockets. But it would require contact with zombies and parking lots belong to businesses usually. Most people there came by car and they’ll try to get back to them when SHTF. Use the chaos and confusion to find your way to a towing company. The keys will be right there, there are too many cars for the staff to steal.. So you’ll have your pick of whatever cars you want. Added bonus is that these places are usually fenced, so you won’t be flooded with walkers right away. They might even have a small repair-shop for their own vehicles at location. So the option of stealing a tow truck and supplies is right there!

Industrial sites

No there probably won’t be any mutant zombies flying around… But there will be plenty of high structures, skull smashing pieces of metal pipe, walls and fences. Every time I drive through an industrial site I see hundreds of amazing spots to camp out during a zombie apocalypse. All the things we use are built somewhere, these factories often have very useful constructions that serve many purposes. Those silos may look like nothing, but zombies can’t climb them! Besides all the places you can climb on, barricade and use for shelter. These places are usually filled with tools and construction materials. It’s like a fortress from IKEA, just pick up the parts and put it together.



I’ve covered this in a separate article, but I really believe they’re a great place to go during a zombie apocalypse. First of all if the dead turn in their coffins, no way they’re digging out of there. Cemeteries usually have wall or a strong fence around them. Not the chain-link stuff either, most of them have nice cast iron fences or spikes on thick walls. There are plenty of gardening tools, there’s a furnace for burning corpses, buildings, “fertilizer”, trees and you name it. It’s basically a fortress-farm waiting to be seized!

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