3 hygiene products you will need

3 hygiene products you will need

Just a few items people forget to put in their bug-out bags all the time. I mean everyone remembers to pack ammo, some clothing and a bunch of ultra tacticool survival items. But you might completely overlook the basic human needs when preparing to fight zombies like a bad-ass. Here are 3 hygiene products you will need:

  1. Nail clipper
    Around 80% of all deaths in a war zone are due to incidents and sickness, not the enemy. Even though these numbers might be different during a zombie apocalypse, you will get dirty. Just imagine accidentally picking your nose with some zombie blood under your nails. It will probably be “a bad pick”. Keep your nails clean, out of your face and nice and short.
  2. Scissors
    Militaries around the world have been forcing people to conform to their standards by removing individual thinking and putting everyone in the same clothes! They even take our personal haircut away! False, you dumb-ass hippy. They do this for practical and hygienic reasons. It’s hard keeping a fro clean when sleeping outside in the mud, covered in bugs, blood and other things. Just a real nest for infections, nasty smells and very impractical around heavy¬†machinery. Not to mention zombies who might grab your hair, or getting stuck in all sorts of things. So bring a pair of scissors to keep your hair nice and short. Don’t bring electric clippers… You know, in case power goes out during the apocalypse.
  3. Hand sanitizer 
    You don’t have to walk around like you have OCD and a germ phobia, I wont hold it against you tho, this is the apocalypse after all. Everything will be covered with¬†infected blood, organs, corpses and other other things that will turn you in to a zombie, or at least get you very sick. So, every time before you eat, clean your hands properly. Also wear gloves all the damn time and only take them off to eat, piss, or wipe your ass. Because you can only make so much room for the sanatizer, at least wash your hands BEFORE you go numbers one or two. Especially for women, you’ll be more vulnerable during the apocalypse due to the way your body disposes urine. Getting an infection down there in a situation like this means the end for you. At all times wash your hands before touching your bare skin in such toxic environments and use the sanatizer before you eat.

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Written by Frank

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