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  • Office Supply Hacks

    We all have at one point worked a desk job. 70% of the global workforce is compromised of office-based, white-collar, jobs. 1.5 billion of this percentage work from a cubicle. Working from cubicles suck. 90% of those who work in a cubicle say that is the worst part of the job. With us spending 90,000 […]

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  • Top 10 uses for WD40 during a zombie apocalypse

    Top 10 uses for WD40

    The reason I’m writing this is because I ran into a list of 2000 uses for WD40, while searching for a faster way to break in leather army boots. It turns out WD40 does an amazing job at making the leather supple, water proofing and making the boots look even better. It also cleans them […]

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  • Why The Netherlands will survive the Zombie Apocalypse

    Why The Netherlands will survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

    In this next installment of our “Why <insert country> will survive the zombie apocalypse, it’s my own home, The Netherlands. In this series we find 5 reasons any country could survive the zombie apocalypse. 1. Bicycles When all the feet in the world are tired and blistered, cars out of fuel and Elon Musk Mobiles […]

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  • 3000 BC Hieraconpolis Egypt


    A British dig in 1892 unearthed a nondescript tomb, in Hieraconpolis, Egypt. 3000 BC Hieraconpolis Egypt… No clues could be found to reveal who the person who occupied it was or anything about his place in society. The body was found outside the open crypt, curled up in a corner and only partially decomposed. Thousands […]

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  • Baking Aisle Hacks

    baking isle hacks

    Baking is an important part of the Easter celebration. It has been part of the Easter tradition since it first began thousands of years ago when Pagans baked scared cakes to please the Gods. It was adapted by Christians in their early years with a cake blessing. Baking today brings the family together and give […]

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