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    Pivot Zombie Movie Part 14: Divided

    The survivors, now fully integrated into the bunkers population, have started to adjust to the new way of life. They are however not being too hasty to relax, unable to forget the threat that the infected horde approaching Cropford could pose to the bunker and it’s people. The survivors must assist the residents of Bunker […]

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    Zombie Law and Order

    If you’ve watched at least one zombie movie, you know that when the zombies invade it’s going to be everyone for themselves. There will be no more law enforcement, no more 9-1-1, and there certainly won’t be any legal process to speak of (actually, that might be a good thing, because I’m not convinced that our […]

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    How to live out of a backpack

    Forget everything you know about traveling with a backpack. Especially those countless camping scenes you see in “survival” movies. You know the one I mean, people sitting around a campfire, stuff spread everywhere and then it fades to black and they wake up. Yes that kind of bullshit.. So let’s start with the basics, I’ve already covered how […]