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    What’s the Best George Romero Zombie Movie?

    George Romero is well known as the godfather of the modern zombie genre. Over the years he brought us a series of zombie movies that not only created, but shaped the very genre we all love. Below is a list of the original “of the Dead” movie series. Vote up or down to rank which […] More

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    Pivot Zombie Movie Part 13: Brothers

    The group are tired and worn out after the events of episode twelve, though the rescue mission was successful, it drained all of the group of their energy. There is now nothing between Craig, Vince and the others and Bunker 03, so in this episode they take the final steps of this long journey they’ve […] More

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    Disease During the Apocalypse

    An often overlooked consequence of the zombie apocalypse, or any disaster, is the greater chance of death due to disease.  There are many diseases to consider on this topic, but I shall only choose those that will be the most impactful early on.  Simply, diseases carried by mosquitoes will greatly increase during the first years […] More

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    Basic Clothing and Protective Gear to Have in Your Survival Kit

    Ok, fair enough, everyone wants to look cool while their slaughtering zombies. The fact is, you would not have the luxury of looking cool if you were busy trying to stay warm and guard against zombie bites and scratches. You’d need to dress appropriately for a number of possible situations. Not only can you never […] More

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    Working out: Do You Want to Survive or Get Laid?

    What is it that you’re doing when you go to the gym? Are you shooting for bigger biceps? How about a washboard stomach? Nothing wrong with that, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to get people to drool over your hot bod when you go to the club this weekend? Keep […] More

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    Zombies are saving my brain

    “Ever have to wash brains off of your shoes? No? Then shut the fuck up!” Whenever someone said that they had a bad day at work, my response was not sympathetic. “Ever taste the smell of a decaying human  in your throat? “ That was another one of my little barbs I’d throw at people. I spent […] More

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    How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool?

    How to survive a Zombie Outbreak in a Swimming Pool? Yes you heard me! No scenario’s about a Wall Mart, train or whatever. This is a bad one, you’re in a public swimming pool and someone there reanimates as a walker! Now you might think, that’s easy, just get in the water! Well it won’t […] More

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    Pivot Zombie Movie Part 10: Stricken

    Now that the group’s main home base has been destroyed and returning is out of the question, the only remaining option is to head for the closest safe bunker that was set up by the military and government. This means it’s at least another day on the road, without much food or weaponry. Due to […] More