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    Anatomy of Deterioration

    You’re chilling in your apartment and the kids start shouting that the zombies are coming. You start to brainstorm ways to get out of this mess. You grab our weapons, you’ve listened to all of the articles, you’ve got your bug out bag ready. You have your rations carefully packed to make optimum room inside […] More

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    Learn how to climb

    Seriously, learn how to climb any object you may come across. Since zombies can’t climb, places up high will be your best hiding spots. Especially if you plan on traveling, but settling in a high place is also a good idea. Now if zombies can climb? Well if they have that much brain activity going […] More

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    Foraging for Survival

    Foraging for survival is a risky endeavor.  The phrase I hear the most is “I’ll just move to the woods and forage for my food”.  The optimist in me hopes by “foraging” they mean hunting, farming and foraging.  But let’s assume that’s not what they mean.  Foraging for food as a means of survival is […] More

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    How to prep on a budget

    After last fan requested article, we decided to keep doing articles on request! So today we’re writing an article for our number one “Facebook like fan”, Deborah Middleton! She suggested we do an article on how to prepare for apocalypse survival on a budget. So I started thinking about this and realized that when the apocalypse starts, money won’t […] More

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    Leatherman Super Tool 300

    This is a review about a nifty multitool, the Leatherman 300 The first thing you’ll notice is the wheight of the leatherman, it is heavy. 10.2 oz. (290 Gr) At the outside you’ll see a 9 inch/22 cm Ruler. when you open it you’ll see a pair of pliers and  cutting blades, made of 420 […] More

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    5 reasons why Australia will survive the zombie apocalypse

    After Israel, Russia and Finland, it’s now Australia’s turn to survive the zombie apocalypse! And remember, these lists are fun and a little satirical… So if you don’t like the country we’re discussing, don’t get all anal about it. Just e-mail us your suggestion for a country instead! So enough jibber jabbering, let’s begin. Vast open wilderness – When […] More

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    Long-Term Zombie Survival: A Response

    Merriweather asks: What would be the best place in North America to begin rebuilding society after most of the population AND zombies had been wiped out? I would think temperatures, rainfall, land fertility, fresh water, and possible natural disasters would all need to be assessed. Materials (steel, glass, cloth, etc) would be in abundance via […] More

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    Good places to sleep while on the road

    We all see shows like The Walking Dead where people move about and navigate a zombie infested landscape. During the daytime they seem to be having a good time, breaking skulls and fighting bad guys. But at night… Well that’s where it goes bad. It’s zombies overrunning a campsite, infesting your newly inhabited prison or […] More

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