November 2018

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    Burning zombie trap

    Good day! I was planning on writing this yesterday, but you know life.. Okay my idea for a burning zombie death trap pit! This is an idea I have that can be implemented during any stage of the apocalypse. Adjustments might have to be made depending on the type of zombie you encounter. The idea […]

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    Going back to nature, by Nurse9ball

    As a nurse and prepper, I can tell you the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your family unit is to get back to nature. No, I don’t mean grab a bongo and start sporting tie-dye shirts. Think of your health and well-being as the tool you will need to survive. Weapons […]

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    How to recycle a zombie

    This may seem like an odd title to you… But believe me, it’s not. These days, with plenty resources, we already have to watch our carbon footprint and recycle a lot of items. Now, this won’t be any different after the apocalypse! You might not have to watch that carbon footprint, but you will have […]

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    The Biology of Zombies: A Primer – Part 2

    Part 2 Fungus Fungi are a very diverse and interesting group. At the mention of fungi, most of us think of mushrooms sprouting in our yard. But there are a few species that are very animal like, able to move through the environment in order to acquire food.  Most fungi are decomposers, breaking down dead […]