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    Zombies – Exterminate or Rehabilitate?

    Yesterday one of our fans, Samantha Hawkins @sammih_77, was asked what kind of article she would like to read about. So being all about our fans, we started scribbling right away! First we have to determine what kind of zombies we’re dealing with. Some zombies might never be able to rehabilitate. For example the kind of […] More

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    Zombies in the Ancient World

    The massive popularity of zombies in modern culture is no surprise, with the undead showing up in every form of media, these days it’s hard not to be at least a little interested. However, some of you may be surprised to find out that an interest or even belief in zombies and the undead goes […] More

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    Substance abuse in the zombie apocalypse

    You might think people will have other things on their mind except drinking, smoking and snorting stuff. While this is probably true for a lot of survivors, a lot of them will become addicts. Or at least heavy users of some substance. Why would someone drink during such dangerous times? People are pretty bad at […] More

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    The Diary – a short Zombie film

    This is a short film I directed some time back…. It was my first experience directing, editing, sound designing, co writing, etc, etc Hope you enjoy it! If you do please hit like or leave a comment and share with other friends who love zombie films… The point of this film is not to get […] More

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    Surviving Evidence: An Independent Zombie Movie

    (Please like and comment! Your reviews are greatly appreciated.) Plot: 7 people are forced to live in an abandoned high school during the zombie apocalypse. While there, they begin to document their lives on camera. The zombies are outside and unaware of the survivors; the survivors are safe from them, at least for the time […] More

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    Why you’re safer with the dead

    Now this title might come on a little strange to most of you, but believe me, it’s nothing but true. It’s about one of the places that gives you a great chance of survival during the apocalypse. The graveyard! I know in the classic zombie movies, the undead rise from their graves. This is probably […] More

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