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  • Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution

    Most people’s midlife crises result in the purchase of an overpriced sports car or a poorly placed tattoo.  Well, my midlife crisis lead to the writing and publication of a zombie novel (I have neither the money nor the personality for a sports car). I decided to sit down and write my book the month […]

  • Limited approach defense

    Limited approach defense is something that can and should be applied in a variety of assaults. The basic principle is to use mobility against your opponent and allow only a limited number of enemies to approach at once. A small scale example would be a lone defender with a drywall hatchet at the top of the ladder […]

  • Top Five Indie Zombie Books

    Countless authors are choosing the self-publishing route these days for several reasons. The best reason, in my opinion, is that no one can tell them what to write. No one f*cking censors them! This is why I love Indie zombie books so much. The authors have the freedom to write what they want without any restrictions. I’ve […]

  • Ka-Bar 2-1245-1 Black Tanto Knife

    I’ve messed around with a variety of knife designs through the years, some bigger, some fancier, some cheaper, some more feature-loaded, but I always seem to come back to a similar set of key features in my choice for a fixed blade knife, practically designed for survival, utility, diving, and combat (the ultimate back-up). Look, […]

  • Nick Nicolaou Tells Us About MARY DOE!

    My name is Nick Nicolaou and I am the writer/producer and eventual director of the feature film MARY DOE. Yea, I’m a comic book geek, love films, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre addict… grew up on a healthy diet of Hammer films and the explosion of special effects make-up horror films of the 80’s… it’s what drives me […]

  • The Reapers are the Angels: A Review

    The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell What makes a good zombie novel? Some would say the level of gore, the heart stopping action sequences, the edge-of-your-seat page turning, all brought about by the onslaught of hordes of zombies.  There does seem to be a certain recipe to most zombie themed novels, I suppose […]


    So as you may have noticed, we here at Zombie Guide have been promoting the new up and coming zombie movie Mary Doe. We are very excited about this project and want to help the film makers share it with the world. Mary Doe is about a girl with no memory of her past who, […]

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