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  • daniel-greene

    End Time, full chapter sneak peek

    This is an excerpt from the book End Time available on Amazon, written by Daniel Green. You can also find his work on Goodreads and his website. Daniel is the debuting author of End Time, the first novel in his zombie apocalyptic thriller series. He believes in paying homage to the 80s action adventures of his childhood, […]

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  • rooftop-garden

    Rooftop survival during a zombie apocalypse

    Lets face it, most people live in cities and those aren’t the best places to be during a zombie apocalypse. Living miles away from civilization, already being self reliant and ready for anything is a much better option. But that’s not available for most people, so we’re going to explore rooftop survival for city folks. […]

  • 1461156019_maxresdefault.jpg

    Video: DEAD THINGS: The Trophy (part 1)

    An Army extraction group clears a neighborhood due to the Zombie Apocalypse. • Based on the Zombie Board Game (created by D M Fitzgerald) Written By: D M Fitzgerald Produced By: Gary A. Rainer Kim: Peter Miller Lauren: Bernadette Guckin Morris Sands: Justin Daube Sgt. Murberry: Gary A. Rainer © 2016 D M […]

  • 1461155992_maxresdefault.jpg

    Video: DEAD THINGS: The Trophy (part 2)

    Sgt. Murberry is forced into therapy after sending two of his soldiers to their deaths in an operation to clear a neighborhood during the Zombie Apocalypse. • Based on the Zombie Board Game (created by D M Fitzgerald) Written By: D M Fitzgerald Produced By: Gary A. Rainer Morris Sands: Justin Daube Sgt. […]

  • 3272519-Neuschwanstein-Schloss_Neuschwanstein

    A king in your post apocalyptic castle

    A castle is a defensive structure seen as one of the main symbols of the Middle Ages, usually regarded as being distinct from the general terms fort or fortress in that it describes a residence of a monarch or noble and commands a specific defensive territory. Castles were specificaly designed to defend against wave tactics, […]

  • hqdefault.jpg

    Video: Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

    Last week after our little sister’s wisdom teeth surgery, we convinced her that a zombie outbreak had hit our city. Her reaction was priceless. Sound Mixing: Isaac Apon For licensing inquiries please contact [email protected] source

  • An FN P90

    Bullpup Rifles

    Bullpup rifles are rifles that hold the magazine behind the trigger, in doing so they save room for the barrel. They are as short as a Carbine, yet have the accuracy and range of a longer barrel rifle. Due to the positioning of the ejection port, most bullpup weapons have the problem of throwing empty […]

  • state of emergency

    Movie Review: State of Emergency

    Synopsis: Chaos consumes a small town when a chemical facility explodes releasing a deadly toxin. Moments after the leak, the town’s residents show signs of mutation, causing the military to quarantine the area leaving any survivors helpless and trapped inside. The story follows Jim, a young man isolated within the red zone, as he eludes […]

  • maxresdefault.jpg

    Video: DEAD THINGS: A Small Deposit

    Clyde is going to the bank in the mall to make a deposit and he’s taking his shotgun… • Based on the Zombie Board Game (created by DM Fitzgerald) Written By: D M Fitzgerald Produced By: Gary A. Rainer Clyde: Justin Daube Charlene: Bernadette Guckin Bank Guard: Gary A. Rainer Newscaster: Joe J. […]

  • medieval era fortified village of monemvasia in greece

    Settlements in an undead world

    Cities or large urban areas have two differences in a major outbreak, living and dead. A dead city is a city completely overrun by the undead except for scattered survivors. Living cities are still operational and run by survivors. Living cities These are,as previously mentioned, cities still controlled by the living, not the living dead. […]

  • image

    M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk

    In my opinion, the M48 Hawk Tactical Tomahawk is the perfect melee weapon. It’s definitely the favorite in my collection. It is as beautiful and multifunctional a piece of weaponry as I’ve ever seen. Good for everything including chopping wood, digging holes, getting through locked doors, clearing brush, breaking open hard-shelled fruit, and of course […]

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