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  • Bear_Grylls

    General Survival Guidelines

    General Survival Guidelines     Always have some sort of weapon.     Prioritize your needs: Basic needs are food, water and shelter. Companionship is fairly important too. Things of value in the previous world (such as money and smaller comforts) must be secondary.     Strength in numbers: With more populace, your refuge will not only be […]

  • UC2732B_002

    Undercover Sonic Karambit

    This mean looking knife is the perfect little self defense weapon. The 5 3/8” stainless steel Undercover Sonic Karambit by United Cutlery is easily concealed in an injection molded ABS sheath. It can be worn on a belt, a side holster, or even stuck in a boot. As a self defense weapon, the Karambit is […]

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  • The Walking Dead (Season 2)

    Common Mistakes in a Zombie Outbreak

    Common Mistakes in a Zombie Outbreak Here are many mistakes that a person can make when trying to survive through a zombie apocalypse. This article will cover some of the main mistakes that you don’t want to make during your first time in the zombie plagued wasteland. Combating Zombies Lighting Zombies on Fire Although it […]

  • paramustache

    Parafest – Jillian’s Zombieful Weekend

    Mingling with The Walking Dead cast members, watching people get tattooed, and getting stalked by a five-foot alligator. That was my weekend at Parafest! I have to give props to the people who coordinated this event. There were last-minute celebrity cancellations, photo op issues, and vendor-on-vendor shoplifting (the cops had to get involved). Despite all the […]

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