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    The Best Non Shooter Zombie Games

    Zombie fiction has become so popular in the past five years or so that we’ve almost seen zombie gaming evolve as its own genre. For the most part, this has meant the rise of countless shooter-style zombie games, from special modes in Call Of Duty titles to standalone games like Quantum Break. Even online and […]

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  • sci-fi-zombies

    Simplex Z, The Beginning

    The first outbreak of Legba Simplex Z was recorded in 2036. Scientist had thought that it was a new strand of leprosy, but when the patients started to gnaw on the nurses. They had to re-evaluate their diagnosis. Thousands of victims were lost to the Simplex Z virus, and by 2046 the world had went […]

  • 100-days-in-deadland-rachel-aukes

    100 Days in Deadland, by Rachel Aukes

    A journey through Dante’s Inferno with a shambling twist Hey there zombie fans, we received a new book tip from the undead. It’s a book from author Rachel Aukes, 100 Days in Deadland. The book is based on Dante’s Inferno, so that should be an interesting setup for a zombie book. We didn’t get our […]

  • Looting1

    Proper Etiquette for Looting a Store

    Everyone knows that once the zombies invade, all hell will break loose, and there will be no more laws. All stores will be fair game, and people will just take whatever they want. A Costco just opened up about a mile away from my house, and my first thought was, “Yup, that’s the first place […]

  • RWDtall1

    Red, White & Dead Zombie Walk

    I’ve attended several zombie events in my day, and the Red, White & Dead zombie walk was definitely my favorite! I was flying out to Washington state for a family function, and it just happened to coincide with Seattle’s annual zombie walk (lucky me!). The zombies met up under the Space Needle, and there were hundreds […]

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    dawn of the dead

    Why Zombies Will Be Slow *GRAPHIC IMAGES*

    My dozens of adoring fans will be happy to know I am working on my third novel. It’s a vampire romance that centers around a young woman’s struggle to maintain her humanity while being courted by a powerful, centuries-old vampire that is gothically handsome and very emo. No, I’m just kidding. It’s another zombie book. […]

  • Kirkman

    My Possibly Hallucinated Interview with Robert Kirkman

    Nobody really uses peyote anymore. I’m not sure why. It’s not like hallucinogens have fallen out of style. Maybe peyote is hard to come by these days, or folks have moved on to more potent alternatives. A lot of the twenty-somethings I work with have never even heard of the stuff. I suppose, as a […]

  • maxresdefault.jpg

    Video: Fool Up a Tree Video 27

    Sal brings Alonzo to the mall to help a friend, but there’s a big surprise in store for him. • Based on the Zombie Board Game (created by D M Fitzgerald) Written By: D M Fitzgerald Produced By: Gary A. Rainer Alonzo: Peter Miller Sal: Justin Daube Additional Zombie Voicing: Gary A. Rainer […]

  • feature toon01

    From Bad to Worse: Zombie Cartoon for Kids

    I would like to share an entertaining clip I have come across. In my exploration of Zombie literature I am always fascinated to find examples of the zombie in children’s literature. The zombie is a totalizing monster and compared to the actions of vampires, werewolves and ghosts, the destruction caused by a zombie apocalypse is […]

  • burlesque1

    Zombie Burlesque

    Severed hands down, Zombie Burlesque is the best show in Vegas! I admit I am biased because I’m an avid zombie fan, but even the savages who aren’t crazy about zombies will enjoy this show. Zombie Burlesque has it all: singing, dancing, a live “undead” band, laugh-out-loud jokes, and a fully developed plot. In 1958 a nuclear […]

  • daryl

    Why Does Everyone Assume Daryl is Straight?

    Every fan of The Walking Dead I speak to seems a little preoccupied with the love life of the show’s most beloved character, Daryl Dixon. They all want to know when he is going to finally get together with the match for him that seems to have been made in heaven, Carol Peletier. If not […]

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