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  • bushcraft-zombies

    3 common survival items that are useless

    1 – Tinder sticks Didn’t even really bother to look up the proper name for these items. They’re the little magnesium like sticks you can make sparks with. They’re this huge hype with “outdoor folk”, people in suburbs with trucks and all, or rooftop survival people in cities. Of course you could actually use them […]

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  • brink-of-extinction-cover2

    Brink of Extinction book review

    It’s been a long time since I’ve done my last book review! Having a day job, hobbies and managing the magazine has been crazy, but I finally got to it! And man am I glad this is the book I picked to get back in to reviewing… The story takes place about twenty years after […]

  • Offshore Oil Rig

    Offshore Oil Rigs

    Offshore Oil Rigs If you are looking for a zombie-proof fortress, few places can compare to an offshore oil rig. Provided you have the means to locate and reach one, you’ll likely find them abandoned, since during the early stages of the crisis the crews will probably have left to ensure the safety of their […]

  • DeadTeamAlpha-Ecover3

    Tim Pryor: Interview with a Zombie Artist

    If George Romero is The Godfather of Zombies, then Tim Pryor is The Designer of Zombies. He has designed hundreds of book covers over the years, including the spectacular cover of Ian McClellan’s new release One Undead Step. Authors know how important book covers are for their sales, and Pryor has helped many Severed Press […]

  • the-walking-dead-telltale-games

    The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Episode 1 Walkthrough

    There are five Tough Decisions noted in the Walkthrough below. Each of these is catalogued by the game and the choice you make will directly affect the events of future episodes. Chapter 1: Prologue Look at the mirror to talk to the cop. Check the body through the broken window. Turn right and kick out the window. Climb out. […]

  • Zombie-cake

    As time goes by

    November 10, 1992 Today is another boring day of the same regimen but the only difference is that we are going to have a surprise for Chow since today is his seventh birthday. After dinner McCall serves us a white creamy frosting three layers’ cake with slices of bananas on top of the cake. He […]

  • Zombies in social activism

    Zombies in social activism

    Zombies in social activism Some zombie fans continue the George Romero tradition of using zombies as a social commentary. Organized zombie themed flash mobs or Zombie Walks, which are primarily promoted through word of mouth, are regularly staged all over the world. Usually they are arranged as a sort of surrealist performance art but they […]

  • image

    Movie Review: American Zombie

    Right off the bat I’m going to point out that if you’re looking for a different take on zombies, this is a movie you want to check out. “American Zombie” is a mockumentary by filmmakers Grace Lee and John Solomon. The film follows four “high functioning” zombies as they go about their day to day […]

  • banner leah book

    The name’s Rhyne, Leah Rhyne!

    Hi, my name is Leah and I write zombie novels. If I sound like I’m in a support group, it’s because maybe I need one. The look on a stranger’s face whenever I announce that I write horror never fails to amuse me. There’s confusion, usually, and amusement…and sometimes…well…horror! I don’t blame them. I’m a […]

  • vaccination

    Vaccination by Phillip Tomasso

    In the opening twenty pages or so of Vaccination we meet a couple of the first zombies infected with a contaminated batch of H1N1 vaccine. They don’t seem very fast or aggressive, but it’s a little hard to tell since one of them is wounded. We also meet Josh and Dave, two brothers pooling what […]

  • day of the dead20081

    “Day of the Dead” 1985 vs. 2008

    George’s Romero’s 1985 movie, Day of the Dead, was remade in 2008. I’m usually hesitant about watching movie remakes because they’re rarely as good as the originals, but I decided to go ahead and give the 2008 version a try. Even bad zombie movies are interesting, so what did I have to lose? The first half […]

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