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    The Spread: Survivors

    Chapter 2 The rainforest exploded in a sea of branches, leaves, and metal. The plane nose dived into the treetops and pulled up just in time to skid through the tree trunks. The front of the plane smashed into a large fallen Oak and the impact pushed the tail upwards. The entire plane tipped onto […]

  • Dale and walker

    Zombies, Rodney King, and Muscle Decay

    A few days after Rodney king drowned to death, I was talking about his case with a friend of mine who is a former NYPD officer. While I am quick to defend the police when they are using justifiable force, as I believed they were at first, I made the argument that the beating quickly […]

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    Maximize the potential of your crowbar

    As many of you know, it’s hard to find zombie movies or games without a crowbar in them. It’s one of the most accepted and used weapons in the entire horror/survival genre. But…. Are the people in these Hollywood productions using the crowbar the way they should? Because lets face it, if you would use […]

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    Zombie Evacuation Race

    Heads up to all UK based zombie fans!   This October, a real-life zombie event could be happening in a town near you, and now is the time to get involved. Zombie Evacuation Race asks “Why watch a ZOMBIE Apocalypse… When you can be PART OF IT.” The race combines zombies with fitness in a […]

  • zombapoc1

    Interview with Ian McClellan

    In the coming weeks we will be posting a series of interviews with some amazing authors who have written zombie books. The entire collection of interviews, titled You Are Entitled To My Opinion- Volume 3 is available through Amazon as a paperback or for Kindle All of theses interviews originally appeared in the blog You […]

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